Friday, September 08, 2006

Better Late Than Never

I have been a marketing guy in the high tech industry for a LONG time but I have never done the "blog thing"...until now. Why now? Well, my interest in blogging has increased over time and I am currently in between jobs so I have some time on my hands.

As you can see, I have titled my blog, "Above the Noise". I picked that title because many years ago, when I was thinking about leaving a job to become a marketing consultant, I grabbed "abovethenoise" for my personal URL. I have always liked the phrase because I feel that it captures the job of any marketeer -- to make your company/product rise "above the noise". I will use this same theme as the basis for my blog. I will comment on things that rise "above the noise" in my mind. Topics will cover a wide range of subjects, from "life in the high tech world" to some of my personal interests (sports and restaurants are a couple).

Let the blogging begin...