Thursday, March 05, 2009

RSS for the Masses

Yesterday, Facebook conducted a press event where they previewed changes they are making to their service. Details can be found here. All of the major tech blogs have communicated their take on the announcement. AllFacebook just posted an entry that tries to straighten out "the wide-range of semi-accurate reporting taking place".

I am not one to say whether the reporting has been accurate or not but I do feel that everybody is missing the boat on one of the important implications of the new Facebook features. If you take the new version of what used to be called Pages and combine that with the new real-time nature of News Feed, you have an RSS-like capability for the masses. Now, media organizations, like CNN and NY Times, will have their own mini-feed and they will be constantly making status updates with their latest headlines. So if users "friend" these organizations, they will be able to see the headlines stream through their News Feed in real time. Nice.