Thursday, November 09, 2006

Is Second Life the Next Generation of the Internet?

I recently had dinner with my very good friend, David Burk of Clear Ink. David started Clear Ink -- a digital marketing agency -- about 12 years ago before the Internet was a mainstream component of all of our lives. At dinner, he was gushing with excitement about Second Life. He sees a parallel between the current activity around Second Life and the activity he saw around the Internet in 1995.

Having never participated in Second Life, it was difficult for me to appreciate his enthusiasm but I made a mental note to keep an eye in this area. Well, it wasn't very long -- maybe a week -- before a Reuters reporter announced he was going to report on events within Second Life. Then, articles began popping out here and there about the growing popularity of Second Life. And then yesterday, I read this.

Enough said. I'm creating my Second Life avatar tomorrow.

UPDATE: Here is a column by David Kirkpatrick of Fortune on Second Life.

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