Thursday, November 09, 2006

Workday -- An "Old School" Launch

Earlier this week, Workday -- David Duffield's newest company -- launched. There was a lot of anticipation for this launch and I have to say, I was disappointed. And I wasn't the only one.

I haven't seen the offerings themselves so I can't comment on how good (or bad) they are. My disappointment is with regards to what I have seen on their web site and how they seem to be marketing themselves. It seems so "old school" to me. Workday talks about offering a new generation of on-demand "enterprise business services" but their approach to marketing them is very much old generation. As an example, they don't offer any free trials on their web site. Free trials are very much standard fare in this age of on-demand solutions and open source software. Apparently, they are working on this but they missed an incredible opportunity to take advantage of the PR they have received around their launch.

Workday has a very experienced -- and high profile -- management team so getting early business shouldn't be too difficult for them, but I think they should update their marketing approach, or else it is going to be a very long "work day" for them.

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